The ADA Is At It Again!

by THOMAS on Apr 12, 2012 • 10:33 pm

Some of you folks out there in puter land have heard me rail against the ADA (American Dietetic Association) in the past but now they have gone beyond the pale. They are proposing a law the will give licensed dieticians sole access to counseling patients on matters of nutrition. “This is crazy” so you say. Well, I wish it weren’t but it is true. They already passed legislation in Michigan and it was recently signed into law. However is has become so controversial that there has been a temporary hold on it’s going into effect.


The ADA is essentially a shill for the corporate processed food and soda industry. If you look at the list of their supporters it reads like a whose who of the industry including but certainly not limited to the likes of Coca Cola, Kraft, General Mills, Tyson etc. To consider the fact that these folks could actually dispense any valuable information concerning diet and nutrition is laughable. They have become a lobbying arm of the processed food industry, using corporate contributions to support legislation aimed at controlling nutrition programs in schools, healthcare facilities, and retirement homes. It is time to stand up to these shills and support the call for more nutrient dense/ whole foods in the American diet. The health and welfare of our children and the nation is at stake here!