by THOMAS on Apr 4, 2012 • 9:27 pm

The importance of a healthy digestive tract can not be overstated. A Proper functioning digestive system is the foundation upon which our entire bodies depend. Poor digestion can lead to a host of health problems that often result from an accumulation of toxins which eventually lead to an overall toxic burden for our bodies.


We can sum this effect up by considering the following:


    •    Stress and poor diet (processed foods, poor quality fats, soda pop) can lead to-

    •    Impaired digestion that often leads to-

    •    Intestinal toxins from bacteria acting on undigested food material which leads to-

    •    Yeast and other parasites (opportunistic organisms) which leads to-

    •    An imbalance in the gut flora (over growth of harmful bacteria) which leads to-

    •    Leaky Gut Syndrome (caused by an attack of bacterial toxins and other factors weakening the gut lining) – which leads to

    •    Chronic disease processes (autoimmune diseases)


We need to minimize our toxic exposure and we know that the body cannot heal until the gastrointestinal tract is healed. It is important to remember that 70-80% of the immune system is housed in the intestinal tract and this is an important part of the detoxification system. It often helps to look at detoxification as a series of steps.


First step is removal of pathogens  using concentrated oil of oregano in a tablet form called A.D.P.. Next comes the replacement of enzymes and digestive juices using betaine hydrochloride and pancreatic enzymes. Next we repair the lining of the digestive tract using a product called Nutriclear, which is like a nutritional supplement for the intestinal lining. Now it is time to restore and fortify the intestinal flora with probiotics called Biodophilus 7. Next fortify the reserves of antioxidants using Bioprotect. Finally it is time to provide support for the gall bladder with Beta TCP, which thins the bile, enabling efficient digestion of fats and oils; and remove toxins from the liver using MCS-2, which acts like a magnet to remove the accumulated toxic burden from the digestive system.


While undertaking a detox program, it is important to keep in mind these top detoxifying foods: beets, broccoli, green leafy vegetables(spinach, chard, kale,collards, mustards), lemons and limes, watercress(this actually grows wild along ditches) garlic, sesame seeds, cabbage, cauliflower, psyllium seed, tart apples, and many other fruits. Also do not forget the detoxifying teas, of which there are many to choose from, and let’s not forget the water! Yes the water and not just any water but preferably alkaline water. Be sure to have the pH of your tap water or any water tested to determine the alkalinity. Alkaline water facilitates better movement of nutrients into your cells and toxins out of your cells. We can test your water here at the clinic so feel free to bring us a sample.


The nice thing about a detox program is that it is non-invasive, which makes for minimal reactions from the healing process. You can still conduct your normal activities of daily living while you enjoy the benefits of detoxification.


Be well


Dr. T