Massage Therapy

by THOMAS on Feb 20, 2012 • 2:30 am

Massage therapy has been shown to be a very effective adjunctive therapy to Chiropractic. During the course of a patient’s life, their muscle tissue will often acquire scar tissue from accidents and injuries, adhesions from repetitive physical activities, and trigger points or focal areas of tissue that have lost their circulation.


Massage promotes healthy circulation of blood and nutrients and elimination of accumulated waste products in the muscle tissue by breaking up adhesions and scar tissue formation and thus reduces inflammation and improves muscle function. Our massage therapists are experienced in a variety of techniques including relaxation, deep tissue, sports massage, active release, myofascial release, and trigger point work.


At Soft Touch Chiropractic, we have three licensed massage therapists on staff. All of our massage therapists are members of most insurance networks, and therefore are authorized by most health insurance plans. We encourage all of our patients to experience the health benefits of massage by making it a part of their regular health program.