The Importance of Stress Management

by THOMAS on Dec 11, 2013

"Stress" is an unavoidable fact of life in our society and one that should not be ignored or dismissed. Instead we should learn to identify the source(s) of stress in our lives and adopt a management program so that we do not become overwhelmed and suffer health consequences as a result. Stress is a frequent topic of conversation with patients at my clinic and becoming more frequent as life becomes more complicated for us all. The following is a list of suggestions for stress management:


Try to remain in the present and give up trying to change the past. At the same time, try not to dwell on the future. It is what we do in the here and now that will determine our future.


Don’t argue over religion and politics. It’s a real waste of time. And watching it is even more wasteful. It is highly unlikely that you will change any ones perspective on either topic.


Meditate. This has been used for centuries to collect ones thoughts and relieve stress. A few minutes each day unplugged and off the grid will lower stress and energize.


Exercise and tap into the benefits of enjoying life. It is free and legal.


Prioritize. Recognize what it is that truly matters in your life and devote your time and energy accordingly.


Avoid drama. We are all works in progress so take an inventory of your short comings before being too critical of others.


Take a walk into nature away from human beings. They can be very demanding and nature asks nothing. Gazing upon the natural world helps to put our lives in perspective.


In general:

    lighten up,

    stay focused on the here and now,

    pursue what matters most to you,

and don’t forget to have fun along the way.