A Natural Remedy for Ear Infections?

by THOMAS on Jun 19, 2012 • 6:02 pm

Ear infections are a fairly common occurrence in children and can begin at a very young age. Sometimes these infections can become chronic and persist well into adolescence. These infections occur when fluid is allowed to build up in the inner ear canal due to the failure of the Eustachian tubes to drain properly. This fluid accumulation provides a warm moist environment for the growth of viruses and bacteria. The result is an infection that can be very painful and potentially damaging to the inner ear.


The failure of the Eustachian tubes to properly drain can be due to mechanical problems involving the muscles and ligaments of the upper cervical spine. This is often times due to the traumatic experience of birth, which can result in partial dislocations and subluxations of the occipital bone of the skull and the atlas of first cervical vertebrae. The resulting pressure prevents the tubes from draining properly. By examining the movement or lack of movement at this location, a skilled practitioner can determine if there is a problem with the relationship between the occiput/ atlas or the “occipital-atlanto” junction. A simple adjustment/ manipulation of this junction are often all that is needed to restore normal function to the joint and facilitate normal Eustachian tube drainage. I have performed this treatment many times and have had successful results virtually every time. This procedure is simple to perform and virtually painless to the child/ patient and eliminates the need for more costly, complicated and invasive procedures such as the implantation of tubes.


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