Chronic, Persistent Unexplained Coughing?

by THOMAS on Jan 14, 2014

If you are experiencing a chronic cough that seemed to come from nowhere and have tried medicines and cough syrups with no relief then what you may have is a form of reflux. Often there is no history of reflux or any gastrointestinal distress such as heart burn or gastritis for that matter. What has occurred is a postural change in the cervical and thoracic spinal regions that has allowed the stomach to migrate close to the diaphragm. This allows small quantities of stomach acid to be aspirated (inhaled) into the lungs causing an activation of the cough reflex. This can happen to any person who spends considerable time in a slightly bent forward posture such as truck drivers, computer operators, those who sew, crochet, quilt etc., crafts and scrap booking just to name a few.


Treatment involves soft tissue therapy to the thoracic spinal area, adjustments using a drop table technique, and exercises and stretching techniques to re-establish extension into the upper mid back area. This is an easy procedure and resolution of the problem can be accomplished quickly if caught at the early stages. I have yet to see one of these cases that have not resolved in short order with the proper techniques. Unfortunately those seeking care from the medical establishment are often diagnosed with asthma or some form of upper respiratory condition and subjected to unnecessary medications, which can actually create a medical condition where none existed previously.


The incidence of this condition seems to be on the increase as I am witnessing more patients reporting to my clinic with this symptom profile. I believe this to be due to an aging population that is experiencing the cumulative effects of postural changes.


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