Let’s Put the Flouride Question to Rest

by THOMAS on Feb 12, 2014 • 11:18 am

This year Israel will end the process of fluoridating their water supply. They will join the 97% of the European population that now lives without fluoridation.


Why? The Israeli health ministry realizes that there is no data supporting the idea that fluoridation is beneficial to the overall health of the public and can actually be harmful. This flies in the face of all of the over zealous promoters who have been lying to the public for years about the fact that “everyone drinks fluoridated water”, when the opposite is true. The fact is that over half of the people drinking fluoridated water in the world live in the U.S. Fluoridation is outdated, unscientific, and a failed public health blunder.


For over 60 years, promoters have been attempting to convince the public that fluoridation would reduce dental cavities, when there have been no studies proving the case. So 60 years later we still have no studies to substantiate the need for any form of water fluoridation. In fact, data from the world health organization show that there is no difference in the cavity rate between countries that do and do not fluoridate their water.


However, there are numerous studies that show the dangers of water fluoridation including an increased risk of osteosarcoma(bone cancer), arthritis, bone fractures, lowered IQ, cardiovascular disease, as well as tooth and skeletal fluorosis.


Any rational person studying the history of water fluoridation would conclude that fluoridation of the water supply does not make sense.


What we need is a little more public activism on this issue by contacting your city government officials and demanding that they reverse the policies of water fluoridation. If Israel can do then we can too. In the meantime you can do a lot in your own home by installing a water filtration system that actually removes fluoride and chlorine in your home. There are also water ionization machines that provide the same benefit with the use of a prefiltration system that treats the water before it enters the machine. I purchased an Enagic machine that in addition to filtering out harmful chemicals and bacteria, produce Kangen water. To learn more about this and other technologies you can google new Wave Enviro Products or go to the Enagic website to contact an area representative.


Source: fluoridealert.org?news/Israel-will-end-fluoridation-in-2014-citing-health-concerns/.