How can MTHFR Gene Mutation affect your Health?

by THOMAS on Mar 5, 2014 • 8:58 pm

MTHFR stands for Methylenetetrahydrofolatereductase and is the enzyme that is required by our bodies to be able to convert folic acid or folate to methylfolate, which is the active form. The human genome project uncovered a genetic defect that results in the absence of this enzyme that is necessary for the methylation pathway to function normally. The absence of this enzyme results in a build up of folic acid and the resulting increase in homocystiene  that is not able to be converted to glutathione. The result is that the body is no longer able to effectively detoxify itself on a regular basis so toxins tend to build up in the system and the body becomes more susceptible to inflammation and disease. It is estimated that 40 to 50% of the population has some form of this defect and it is responsible for many unexplained chronic, ill defined health problems. Some have described the MTHFR defect as the great mimicker, second only to Lyme disease with its myriad of symptoms. Due mainly to the increase in our overall toxic burden, we are seeing the expression of this defect at increasingly younger ages.


There is little that a person can do to eliminate this defect but there is much that can be done to reduce and in many cases, virtually eliminate the symptoms. Being tested at a very young age or any age for that matter is a good place to start. During my training in the Energetic Nutritional Assessment Technique (ENAT), I learned of a reflex point that can be tested using the Right Arm Muscle Test Response (RAMTR). This a very effective screening tool to determine whether a patient is positive or negative for the MTHFR genetic defect.


There are many things a person can do with respect to lifestyle that will enhance any treatment program aimed at restoring the methylation pathway. Decreasing your exposure to toxins by purchasing a water ionizing system such as the Enagic, which produces Kangen water. Depending upon your location and water source, you may need a pre-filtration system in order to achieve the desired levels of purification. Improve your metabolism by changing your diet and taking the appropriate supplements. Sweating is another way to clear toxins from the body with the use of a sauna or far infrared sauna. You need to gradually work up to about 30 min. treatments in order to be really effective. Also be sure to have your heavy metal toxicity checked using the urinary challenge method. You will most likely need to see a Naturopath to have this test performed.


I mentioned the use of supplements briefly but will list them here in the order of importance. Methylfolate and Methyl B-12 , BH4 (tetrahydrobiopterin), N-acetylcysteine (NAC), mineral salt (Celtic Sea Salt), vitamin B-6, vitamin C, di-methylglycine, vitamin E, milk thistle, quercetin,  and Glutathione.  It is best if you can find a supplement formula that contains several of these antioxidants and anti-free radicals such as Dr. Russell Marz’s Oxyquench Ultra. Otherwise, the purchasing of these supplements individually can be very expensive.


There are several good websites where you can obtain additional information and I would encourage you to do so, especially if you have tested positive for the MTHFR defect. The website, is one of them where you will find an extensive listing of the conditions associated with the MTHFR gene mutation. There is also a 51 minute video by Dr. Neil Rawlins that explains MTHFR and is very informative.