Diabetic Drugs increase Mortality

by THOMAS on Apr 29, 2014 • 6:07 pm

Type II diabetes, or adult onset diabetes is the most common form of this excessive blood sugar condition. Type II Diabetics have high blood sugar because they have hormonal and nutritional imbalances caused by eating an unhealthy diet. The conventional treatment for diabetes revolves around giving poor dietary advice (eat low fat foods and lots of carbohydrates, and use artificial sweeteners) and the use of prescription medications.


Numerous studies have been done to assess the mortality rates of diabetic patients comparing those using insulin, those using glyburide and metformin, and those using no medications at all. The highest rates of mortality was found in the study groups which used conventional medicines like Glyburide, Metformin, Amaryl, Glucotrol, Glynase,  and Diabeta. This group had anywhere from a 70% to 128% increase in mortality when compared to insulin users-4.92% and patients using no medications-3.22%.


You are surprised by these numbers? Conventional medicine has been solely focused on chemically lower blood sugar levels for many years. Elevated blood sugar levels are not the problem but only a symptom of the problem which is largely poor quality diets and lack of a regular exercise program. Another way to look at elevated blood sugar levels is that it is the “idiot light” telling you that something is terribly wrong in the body.


Type I diabetics need insulin because their bodies either don’t produce any or their bodies can not produce enough. Type II or adult onset diabetes, on the other hand, is much more common and is generally not caused by a lack of insulin production but is caused by eating a poor diet that contains too many refined foods. Refined foods typically contain excessive quantities of sugar, among other things. This over consumption of carbohydrates (sugar) throws off the body’s sugar handling mechanism.


So what is the answer? The ultimate answer is accepting personal responsibility for your health by eating a healthy diet, free of refined foods and eliminates refined sugar of any kind. In addition, adopt a healthy life style that includes regular exercise. In other words treat the underlying cause of the problem by preventing it from happening in the first place.


Be well


Dr. Taylor