Ineffective and Toxic Flu Drugs

by THOMAS on Jan 1, 2015 • 2:24 pm

How many failures of oral flu medications do we have to witness before we call an end to this senseless wasting of the taxpayer’s money? Well apparently we are not there yet as the FDA has just approved another useless flu medication called “Rapivab”. Sounds exciting don’t it! Makes you just want to go make a wish or something.


In the very best of studies this new class of drugs called “neuraminidase inhibitors” has been found to lessen flu symptoms for less than twenty-four hours and the newer drugs in this class are no different. All of these drugs are also associated with some serious side effects including vomiting and headaches and some of the medications have even more serious effects including psychiatric events and heart rhythm abnormalities. You know it might be an idea to go back to the simple home remedy solutions such as increasing fluids to prevent dehydration, and chicken soup for the soul.


There actually was an independent review of oral medications that found home remedies such as increasing fluid intake, gargling with salt water, and using over the counter medications to be more effective than the medications themselves.


Currently the price tag associated with the studies of Rapivab by the US Government is around $235 million dollars. That is only for one drug! Imagine if you could have spent that money on natural medicine outcomes?


If a person is seriously interested in protection against the flu viruses, then he or she should pay particular attention to their digestive system. The vast majority of your immune system is located in your digestive tract and unfortunately the vast majority of the public has digestive disorders to some degree, some more than others. Unless you are experiencing a minimum of two (2) healthy bowel movements per day, your digestive system is NOT normal. I spend a good deal of time working with my patients digestive systems and trust me; things are far from normal out there. This is why I have written extensively about this topic and posted the articles on this website so please take advantage and get healthy!


My recommendation is to avoid the entire class of “neuraminidase inhibitors” like you would the PLAGUE. They are ineffective, expensive, and toxic to the body. Instead, take plenty of vitamin C (like 2-3000 mg) and drink plenty of chicken soup!