The Obesity Epidemic

by THOMAS on Jun 9, 2012 • 5:42 pm

I was watching c-span this morning and the program topic on Washington Journal was the “Obesity Epidemic”. The speaker was the former Secretary of Agriculture who is now a member of a “think tank” in Washington D.C. that is dedicated to studying this national problem that threatens to bankrupt our present healthcare system.


Folks this is not rocket science we are talking about here. In the first place, let’s talk about the fact that the U.S.D.A. and the F.D.A. are both basically corporate shills whose efforts are aimed at aiding corporate agriculture, the processed food industry, and big Pharma at the expense of the health of the public at large. If there was ever a major contributing factor to this obesity dilemma, this would be it!


Now, I’m not saying that there are not other factors that are contributing to this problem such as lack of physical activity and poor dietary habits, but I do not see these as being the major contributors and certainly genetics is definitely not a major factor. All we have to do is look to other countries whose obesity levels are much lower than here in the U.S. and look at their lifestyles and the influence of processed food in their diets. We also have to take a look at trends here is the U.S.


The increase in obesity and degenerative diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancers, and rheumatic conditions, has increased in direct proportion to the increased consumption of processed foods, soft drinks, and poor quality fats. The processed food industry spends billions of dollars convincing the public that their products are safe and “heart healthy” while the major media conglomerates are more than happy to take their money. I mean how can we expect the public to make informed decisions about food when they do not have access to factual information about the potential health problems these food products?