Nobody should be taking Statin medications

by THOMAS on Mar 24, 2015 • 4:09 pm

Why do I make this statement? Because statins drugs do not work period. It is estimated that 99% of patients on statins will receive NO benefit from the use of this medication. Instead they will receive a host of life threatening side effects including depletion of their coenzyme q-10, destruction of their lean muscle mass, liver damage as a result of muscle tissue destruction, increased risk for Alzheimer’s and  dementia, diabetes, and a host of neurological problems. So with all of harmful and potential life threatening side effects, why haven’t these drugs been pulled from the market and why do doctors keep prescribing them? Well the short answer is money$$$. The money flows from the pharmaceutical companies to our representatives in congress, to the American medical association, to the medical schools, to the hospitals and clinics and finally to the doctors themselves in the form of kickbacks, gifts, and medical junkets to vacation resorts. If you want to read about the gory details of this scheme and how to fix the problem there is a new book by David Brownstein MD titled, “The Statin Disaster”. As some of you know, I am a big David Brownstein fan and have mentioned him in several of my articles and have read his books and attended his seminars. So if you are on statin medications you need to read this book. I can guarantee that if you do, you will know more than your primary care physician about the chemistry, failures and life threatening side effects of statin medications.


Be well

Dr. T