27 Most Powerful Habits

by THOMAS on Sept 11, 2015 • 3:32 pm

From: John M. Rowley


The last few days I've been talking about the FACT that your habits make up who you are! And... if you have bad ones, they will always win over willpower and you will always lose :(


I even shared some of my basic habits with you so you knew that sometimes it's the basic things that make the difference in your results! What I hope you got from this is...


Whether you are a beginner or you've been improving yourself for years. You must change your bad habits into good ones or you will never achieve the body you want and deserve! The good news is...


Just the other day, I contacted Tyler (the writer of the book I shared with you earlier this week) to ask what I could share with you, so you knew what the most powerful habits were and here's what he said...

"I honestly don’t care if they buy the book or not... What I care about is them knowing what they need to do in order to become a better and healthier person."


I thought about what I should say next... should I ask Tyler to give you a sneak peak into 5 of the habits that he thinks are the most important?


Then... out of nowhere, Tyler said...

“Just tell them what all of the 27 body transformation habits are that way they can use this information to help them out!”


So... Here they are… all 27 habits:

1.    Drink Enough Water

2.    Eat Your Veggies

3.    Eat Protein For Breakfast

4.    Work On Building A Strong Digestion

5.    Get Your Sleep

6.    Breathe Deeply

7.    Read Your Daily Affirmation With Gratitude

8.    Walk Every Day

9.    Do Some Exercise

10.    Get Some Sunshine

11.    Touch The Earth

12.    Use Cold Water Therapy

13.    Make Sure You Laugh

14.    Read Something

15.    Avoid Obesogens

16.    Kick Your Heels Up And Have A Cheat Meal

17.    Try Or Learn Something New

18.    Spend Some Time Alone Doing Something You Love

19.    Spend Some Time Socializing With Your Friends Or Family

20.    Go Outside And Play

21.    Measure Your Success

22.    Do A Selfless Act For Someone Else

23.    Identify Where You Are Currently At And What Works

24.    Set Or Adjust Your Goals

25.    Create A Plan For The Next Month

26.    Create A New Daily Affirmation That Focuses On Your Plan

27.    Do Something To Take Care Of Yourself


His instructions are to pick the 5 that you aren’t currently doing and work on making them a habit. Once you master those 5, pick 5 more and keep going!


What a nice guy! Letting me share the full list with you like that, right?


While that's nice and shows you how much Tyler is in this to help you, If you really wanna rebuild your habits so you can lose weight and increase your energy, then I highly recommend you pick up his full book, videos, audios and habit forming checklists that you get with the 27 Body Transformation Habits Book for $30 OFF by CLICKING HERE.


He really did design an easy to use system complete with checklists and forms for the daily, weekly and monthly habits that you can use to transform your body and life!

And, like I said, it's currently $30 off for my friends. Here's the link for you one more time...

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Otherwise... get started on 5 of the habits above, ok!


Committed to your success,