by THOMAS on Jul 19, 2012 • 5:54 pm

Scientists mapping the human genome originally thought they would find roughly 100,000 genes of which many would be specific for disease processes such as MS, RA, Parkinson’s, diabetes and a host of other degenerative conditions. So plans were made to do all sorts of genetic engineering such as gene splicing, mapping, sorting, cutting, trimming (sounds like hair styling)etc. But what they actually found were only ten (10) gene specific diseases, none of which they had hoped for, and only a total of around 25,000 genes. What they did find was that the majority of genes were involved in multiple functions and often combined with other genes creating a myriad of functional networks. What they are now beginning to learn is that it is not the genetic code that is responsible for the disease but whether or not the gene(s) actually express itself or is “turned on”. They further learned that the turning on or off of genes is determined by the environment surrounding the individual. In other words the lifestyle, family/ home, stress, exposure to air borne contaminants, chemical additives(flavorings, colorings, and preservative agents) in food, excessive refined and processed carbohydrates and oils. Just as it is possible to “turn on” the genetic code, so is it possible to be “turned off” by improving the individuals environment.


So this business of telling folks that their genes have created their health problem(s) is woefully inaccurate. And the still larger picture that needs to be addressed is the fact that once an individuals genes are turned on, they then will pass this genetic expression on to their offspring. Even if the environment of the offspring is improved, it will take four(4) successive generations for this genetic expression to return to normal. How do we know this? A succession of genetic experiments have taken place beginning (believe it or not) back in the 1930′s.


It was the experiments of Dr. Francis J. Pottenger, Jr,in a small Southern California town that started it all. Pottenger made two(2) prophetic discoveries: the first was that mother cats fed a poor diet passed their health problems onto their kittens over three(3) generations. His second, which proved to be revolutionary, was that it took at least four (4) generations of a healthy diet for kittens to recover from the health-robbing effects of a poor diet fed to the first generation.


I am in the process of reading an outstanding book that covers this very topic in great depth and detail. The book was a collaborative effort on the part of several dedicated nutritional/ natural medicine minded individuals, among them my good friend Gray Graham, who is the CEO of Biotics Research Northwest. The book is titled,”Pottenger’s Prophecy” and is an in depth look at how food can reset genes for Wellness or Illness. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is truly interested in health and wellness.


Be well


Dr. T