Achieving Wellness

by THOMAS on Apr 3, 2012 • 2:32 am

So you are interested in becoming healthy, and don’t quite know where to begin. Like any new endeavor in life, it is necessary to prepare yourself for the journey. If, in the course of your life, you have not been living the healthiest of lifestyles, there is a high degree of likelihood that you have accumulated a lot of bad stuff in your body.


Where does all of that bad stuff come from? Several sources, such as pesticides, chemicals in our food, and the air that we breathe. Call it sludge, toxins, waste, residue, deposits…whatever, but this is stuff that you need to get rid of, before you begin to introduce your body to the good stuff!


I like to use the analogy of your body being like the engine in your car. Throughout the lifetime of your car’s engine, it accumulates sludge and deposits of carbon. If you are like most folks, and are concerned about getting the most out of your car’s performance and life expectancy, you periodically service your car, right? So you change the oil, tune up the engine, service the coolant system, check the tires, etc.–all that stuff to make sure your car performs well, and is reliable. But before you add all of the new stuff required for service, you remove all of the old stuff like the used oil, used antifreeze, tune up, parts, etc. Otherwise, you would be circulating bad stuff throughout the engine, causing irreparable damage to your vehicle. Does that make sense?


Well, the same applies to your body. You must get rid of the sludge before introducing the new healthy stuff. By cleaning out your ‘pipes’ and getting your system running smoothly, you will benefit from the increased ability of your system to absorb nutrients from your food. What do you think…sound reasonable?


You might be thinking, “So how do I do that, Dr. Taylor? How do I get all of that bad stuff out of my system to make way for the good, healthy stuff?” My recommendation would be a sound DETOX program that involves a modification of your current nutrition program, and the introduction of special nutrients to enable your body to eliminate accumulated toxins. You might be asking yourself, “How do I get started, and where can I find these nutrients?”


We have a program here at Soft Touch Chiropractic that includes all of the necessary nutrients, and instructions on how to get started, how to modify your nutrition program, and a day-by-day menu of healthy food to eat. What more could you ask for?


All you have to do is pick up the phone, email, or stop by the clinic and talk with Edwina. She has all of the information ready, and can answer any additional questions you may have. She even has a DVD you can check out to learn more about the importance of Detoxification as a means of getting on the right track to optimum health. What are you waiting for!